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About RuiLong

Ruilong was established in August 2009. We are committed to serving customers in the electronics/optoelectronics industry with professional technology and skills such as optoelectronic glass coating, glass cutting, glass grinding, glass printing, and plastic sheet processing. We strive to fulfill customer demand and offer fast delivery as well as quality services to speed up customers’ mass production process.

Currently, in addition to cutting and grinding equipment, coating and strengthening equipment were also added by the company to meet customer's consistent production needs, avoiding the trouble of multiple outsourcing and offering an optoelectronic glass total solution for customers.

The demand for touch panels/solar industry/OLED diversified panels continues to grow. To provide customers with a wider range of professional services, besides improving the processing capabilities of the company’s own factory, synchronized engineering and timely response are adopted for the R&D of customers’ new products. The analysis of product advantages and disadvantages is continuously fed back, allowing customers to stabilize their designs, which leads to improved product added value.

Ruilong will continue to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit, and carry out management faithfully and persistently to provide customers with fast, accurate and reliable products and services.

Integrity Quality Service Value

Ruilong provides fast and accurate products and services for your product development, and offers stable quality and operation for your mass production requirements.
In the process of product development, it is bound to encounter difficulties in searching for material specifications.
Ruilong's professional knowledge and technologies will help you carry out research and development.
Quickly solving your problems and finding the needed materials.

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Please feel free to call us, our customer service staff will be happy to serve you.
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